Why water quality needs to be tested and monitored.

Why is testing water quality important?

Testing water quality is crucial to sustaining aquatic animal’s health and habitat. This applies to fish,  amphibians and seagrass beds.

Different elements of water to test.

Some crucial elements to test in water are:


PH is a scale to test how acidic or alkali water is.


Salinity is the measure of how much salt is dissolved into the water. Average seawater is about 34.7ppt(parts per thousand)


The temperature of seawater is a big part in the health of aquatic animals which prefer certain temperatures.

Toxic chemicals

The measure of toxic chemicals is essential in keeping the quality of the water up.

Dissolved Oxygen

Dissolved oxygen is the amount of gaseous O2 dissolved in the water it enters the water by direct absorption from the atmosphere as a waste product of photosynthesis.


Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of a fluid caused by large numbers of individual particles that are generally invisible to the naked eye.


Nitrate Nitrogen The concentration of nitrates is commonly expressed as N03-. The term “nitrate nitrogen” is used to refer to the nitrogen present which is combined in the nitrate ion.

Orthophosphate and Biological Communities

Orthophosphate is a readily available to the biological community and typically found in very low concentrations in unpolluted waters.

Measuring quality

Equipment to measure quality can range from tens of pounds to thousands depending on the accuracy and overall quality of the device. One very simple way of measuring PH is just a PH strip, which is just a strip of paper that you dip in water to check the PH, these are very cheap and can be bought in bulk for a very low price. For measuring salinity you can use a salinometer, which are relatively cheap and quite accurate, the TOOGOO Salinometer is a decent choice for this and is sold on amazon for £1.20. The ap-700, the ap-800 and the Aqua TROLL 400 Multiparimeter Probe are also very accurate tools for measuring many things but are very expensive pieces of equipment.

The first picture is a sketch of a simple salinometer, and the other picture is of different PH strips.


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