Why I like open water swimming in Arran

Arran is the perfect place for an open water swim.

My favourite place to swim is Blackwaterfoot beach. It is a long, sandy and open beach which creates an inviting challenge for swimming. Living on an island there are hundreds of places to swim, but it’s Scotland, and it is freezing. So be equipped with 2 swim caps, goggles, a decent wetsuit, and possibly neoprene socks and gloves.

The amazing marine life, gives you an amusement while you’re pacing along. Be aware of jellyfish, they do sting! Not all do if you see a jellyfish that is clear with purple rings, they are called moon jellyfish and they can’t sting you (seen in picture below). But all the others can, so neoprene gloves and socks help protect you.

But apart from the jellyfish it is an amazing way to stay fit and have fun this summer, so grab your wetsuit, and goggles and get swimming!

Watch our interview with Jo Totty, a member of the Open Water Swimming in Arran group here.

Eilidh Hamill


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