Fishing in Arran’s MPA

When I go fishing I usually fish for mackerel and haddock, around the island. The best place to fish is King’s Cross which is next to Whiting Bay. This is not the No Take Zone so you can fish anywhere there. All around the bay you can get mackerel, haddock and cod, these types of fish are usually in the area in spring all the way through till autumn. The no take zone is very protected by COAST, they are trying to get more parts of the sea around Arran protected because of all the trawlers and dredgers damaging the bottom of the ocean near the shore. If you ask one of the COAST members or look around their website you can see what great work they have put in to save the protected areas. If you fish/trawl in these areas you can get a fine up to £1000.img_8720


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