How Climate Change is Affecting Marine Life

Climate change is one of the most important issues of our time. It is affecting everything including marine life. With the sea levels rising, temperatures increasing and acidity changing, it is putting strain on the organisms that are inhabiting are oceans.

Rising sea temperatures can cause coral to become stressed, when this happens the algae that lives on coral leaves, a process called coral bleaching. It adds more stress onto the coral and can result in it dying. The increase in sea levels will have a dramatic affect on the marine life living on coasts, it will affect there ability to photosynthesise as more places become flooded. Crustaceans, shellfish and corals find it difficult to survive in increasingly acidic seas. These organisms find it more difficult to maintain and build their shells.

Because of the No-Take Zone on Arran, there are higher densities of certain spieces that were once endangered , and the seabed of this area 40% more complex than the area outside it. It would be a shame for this to decrease because of climate change somethingthat humans are to blame for.

Image result for dead corla before and after


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