Activities On The Sea

People love the sea for many different reasons; for some it is a spectacle and others a marvel, but for the adventurous it is their playground. There are endless things that you can do on and in sea from deep sea diving to sailing the Mediterranean.

Here on Arran a diverse variety of activity are available but the most prominent and widely available of them is kayaking. The opportunities for kayaking on Arran are never ending and with our glorious weather and climate people are always able to get up close and personal with our fantastic marine life. Claddach is very well known for its thriving seal population – along with most of the other villages on Arran. Seabirds and otters can also been sighted near to the coast of Kildonan and just off of Pladda. IMAG0086.JPGAll of these stunning species are made even more accessible by kayak, which makes it one of the best ways to view the animals.

Scuba diving/ snorkeling is another great way to experience the life around our coasts and this way you can get even closer to the things that live on the sea bed. What you can see ranges from maerl to many different species of fish. Out of the several places to dive on Arran, the South coast of Pladda is the best. With a large underwater island it is the perfect environment for life to thrive.



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